The Cajun R/C Club has scheduled a series or altitude limited launch glider contests to be held on the dates shown below. The Contest Director for the events will be Ryan Gonsoulin. Equipment required are Radian Gliders (Standard or Pro version), available from Big Boy Toys (or Horizon Hobbies), and a CAM (F3Q version) available form Soaring Circuits. Occasionally the club secretary will have one available for sale for $52. PLEASE NOTE THE CROCHET ROAD HAS A BRIDGE OUT. SEE OUR CLUB WEBSITE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ADVISING YOU MUST ENTER FROM NORTH!

Other recreational flying will not be allowed during the contest. The contest will start at 10:00 a.m. sharp, and is expected to be over by 1:30 p.m.

An entry fee of $3.00 will be charged. The dates of the contests are:


March 19, 2016

Feel free to call Ryan Gonsoulin or Charles E. Castaing if you have any questions.

*********************************************************************** CAJUN R/C CLUB ELECTRIC GLIDER RULES

  1. The Glider required is a 2 meter Radian or Radian Pro, available from Big Boy Toys. The Gliders must be flown in their stock configuration. The use of crow, flaps, etc will not be allowed if you are flying the Pro version. NOTE: Anyone who flies a modified Radian or a different type of glider will be allowed to fly, but their score will not be “official”.

  2. There is no minimum or maximum weight limitation.

  3. Each gliders launch will be altitude limited by way of the CAM installed. The CAM will be set to a cut- off of 100 meters (other cut-off altitudes may be selected depending on weather conditions). The pilot will have 1 minute (maybe longer at higher cut-off altitudes) to reach to cut-off altitude or he/she will incur a 100 point penalty. If any pilot resets the CAM and powers up the glider during the glide portion of the flight, he/she will incur a 100 point penalty (per occurrence).

  4. Timing of all flights will begin at the instant it is evident the CAM has cut off power to the motor.

  5. Timing will end when the model comes to a complete stop, not when it contacts the ground or a ground based object, such as tall grass, flight station, etc.

  6. A pilot will incur a 100 point penalty if his/her glider makes contact with the pavilion, a car, or a person.

  7. Any penalty(s) received will be deducted from the pilot’s final total.

  8. The maximum time for any given flight will be 5 minutes (300 seconds).

  9. Spot Landing: A bonus will be added to the flight score if any portion of the glider projects inside one of the landing circles. The bonuses are as follows:

    1. 100 points for the 5’ diameter circle.

    2. 50 points for the 15’ diameter circle.

    3. 25 points for the 25’ diameter circle.

  10. Number of flights:

    1. A full contest will consist of 6 flights. The minimum number of flights required for a contest to be official is 3.

    2. We will drop one flight after three flown, and two flights after six flown.

  11. Scores will be determined as follows:

    1. One point per second for each flight scored.

    2. The sum of all scored flights less any penalties equals an individual’s final score.

    3. The pilot with the higher total will be deemed the winner.

  12. Each pilot will be required to enter into a “Class”. Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced. This class should reflect your soaring skill level. The final scores for each class will be grouped together. All classes will fly together.

  13. Ribbons will be handed out to first, second, & third for each class flown.