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Club Information

Download a Club Application with this link in MS Word or PDFCajun R/C Club                                                                                                           




The Cajun R/C Club was first incorporated in July of 1982 by a group of individuals who had a common interest in building and flying radio controlled model airplanes.  By joining together, we were able to pool our resources and accomplish things we could not do alone.  Our club is a non-profit club and we are chartered with the national organization, the Academy of Model Aeronautics, commonly referred to as the AMA.  The AMA has contributed to model activities over the years and provides guidance and assistance to clubs such as ours. They provide the insurance coverage for the landowners.  The AMA also obtained authorization for the use of certain dedicated radio frequencies, and they assist us in other matters.  In 1990 they came to our assistance when adverse legislation was introduced in the Louisiana legislature (we were able to defeat the legislation).

In 1987 we moved to our current site. Substantial improvements have been made to the property in the way of landfill, drainage, surfacing of the road and parking area, the pavilion (shed), and the tractor storage shed.  We have a full size tractor mower which can cut the runway and pit area in about an hour.  We currently have a contract with a lawn service to cut the grass during the flying season on a weekly basis.  This cost is included in the annual dues.

If you are interested in radio-controlled models, we suggest you visit our flying site. Observe the activity and ask questions of the club members.  Most of them will be happy to share any information with you.  At the present time our membership limited to 60 full members. There are many openings at the present time. To join our club:

1.  You must join and be a member of our national organization, the AMA.  Applications are available at the field, hobby shops, or in Model Aviation Magazine.  The annual cost at the present time is $58 for adults and reduced rates for family members and youngsters.  The adult membership includes the monthly magazine MODEL AVIATION.

       2. Pay an initiation fee of $30 and annual dues of $100 per year to our club.  The first year cost of our club is $130, and it is $100 per year thereafter.  The charge for additional family members who live in your household is $5 annually.  Family members include spouses and children 18 years and under (or who are students). The charge for students who are not family members is $25 annually (no initiation fee).  Partial credit on the following year’s dues is given for those who join after June.

3.  New members will be required to fly on a frequency assigned to them. Please do not purchase a new radio without first checking with our club secretary regarding frequency assignment.  You may have to have your frequency changed as a condition of membership in our club. 


Club Officers:

Ryan Gonsoulin, President       337-322-6213  

Ronnie Segura, Vice President

Ryan Gonsoulin, Secretary

Lee Bacque, Safety Officer

Websites:  Our club: www.cajunrcclub.com       AMA:  http://www.modelaircraft.org/